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Alerts and Notifications

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Alerts will not carry over from the old support site to the new Wind River Support Network, so you will need to sign up again.


How to sign up for security notifications:


  1. Security Alert notifications are available via our RSS feed
    • You can either sign up for the Security Notification RSS feed or for the individual product RSS feed, which will provide both download and security notification information.


How to sign up for download notifications:

You can sign up for downloads in two ways.


  1. RSS Feed
    • Most products have a RSS feed that you can subscribe to.
  2. Page Notification
    Please only sign up for Download and/or Defect List pages and individual defects and only for the “This Page Only” option. Signing up for notifications on other pages may result in large number of unwanted emails!


    • Navigate to the product / version you are interested in and click on the “Browse All Downloads” button.  

Browse All Defects Browse All Downloads


Click on the top link of the download tree.



It will take you to the that product’s download list.  Then sign up for the page notification.


  • When you receive a notification from the Download list page
    • Click on the link and onto the support site to view the download list
    • Click on the column heading "Last Modified Date" to see what was recently updated


How to sign up for defect notification on a product version:



  • Signing up for defects for a product / version is the same as for downloads above, only you would click on the &Browse All Defects& button to navigate your way to the defect list page, where you would sign up for the single page notification
    1. When you received a notification from the Defect list page)
      • Click on the link and onto the support site to view the defect list
      • Click on the column heading "Published Date" to find recently added defects


How to sign up for an individual defect notification:


  1. It is easiest to search for your defect number using the search within the Knowledge Library

  2. When you open the defect’s detailed record page, click on the page notification button


How to unsubscribe to a page notification:


  1. You can either navigate directly to the page that you set up to be notified about the change, click on the page notification icon and then select to “Turn OFF notifications for this page”

  2. You can click on your user name in the top right corner of the Knowledge Library, and select “Notifications” and then click on the “x” next to the page that you no longer want to receive notifications on
    • Of note:  When you click on the “x” the line will turn red, but it doesn’t clear the line until you exit the page.  When you check your notifications a second time the line will be gone.


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