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HXCPT-133 : mdnsresponder fetch failed outside the Wind River network

Defect #: HXCPT-133
Found In Version1.0.0.7,
Fix Version1.0.0.9
Created Date:08/10/2016
Component/s :CED - Apple


If the fetch is made outside of WindRiver network, it first looks for the ssh/http path before looking in the PREMIRRORS and it gives an error because it can't make a connection to stash to verify the latest version. 
The AUTOREV option from mdnsresponder's recipe is responsible for this issue.


cd WindRiver/wrlinux-8/addons/wr-cockpit/layers/meta-wrauto-prebuild/git
### check if the carplay-mdns git repo is there:

cd WindRiver/wrlinux-8/addons/wr-cockpit/layers
git clone meta-wrauto-carplay meta-wrauto-carplay-temp
### open and edit layers/meta-wrauto-carplay-temp/recipes-networking/mdnsresponder/ using the following content:
-SRCREV_default_pn-mdnsresponder = "${AUTOREV}"
+#SRCREV_default_pn-mdnsresponder = "${AUTOREV}"
+SRCREV = "e07768dbd2787b9b561fa7dbc6f54f7edbd723cb"
git add
git commit -m "mdnsresponder mirror fix"
git push
rm -rf WindRiver/wrlinux-8/addons/wr-cockpit/layers/meta-wrauto-carplay-temp

Please replace the paths with the real paths from your WRL8 instalation


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