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Defects for Software Components (Helix Cockpit 1)

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Defect #Previous IDTitleComponent (s)Sub ComponentFound in VersionsArchitectureSeverityPublished DateFix VersionsStatus
HXCPT-62HXCPTINTEL-102[GENIVI] Fetching sources from using git protocol fails for all Genivi recipesMETA-IVI Critical7/27/20161.0.0.8Fixed
HXCPT-133HXCPTINTEL-103mdnsresponder fetch failed outside the Wind River network CED - Apple, Standard8/10/20161.0.0.9Fixed
HXCPT-100HXCPTINTEL-60[CarPlay] High latency for CarPlay operationCED - Apple Standard5/11/2016 Fixed
HXCPT-145 [IAS Compositor] Full-screen resolution is not workingIntel KC components Standard8/26/20161.0.0.9Fixed
HXCPT-119HXCPTINTEL-98Client crashes when switching between Music app, Maps app and Phone appCED - Apple Standard6/24/20161.0.0.9Fixed
HXCPT-61HXCPTINTEL-72All Telephony tests fail because of the latest API changes in ipod-daemonCED - Apple Standard5/24/20161.0.0.9Fixed
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