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Downloads for Getting Started (Helix Cockpit)

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Downloads are available only to licensed customers under active support.

NOTE: Downloads can apply to more than one version of the product. To go to the appropriate download, click the links below; however, the download you open might be located in a different version of the product from the version you are viewing now.

IdentifierTypeRelease DateRequirementLast Modified DateSummary
Helix Cockpit 1 RCPL0007 Genivi fetcher fixPatch8/4/2016Mandatory8/4/2016There was a problem while migrating the Genivi meta-ivi repositories and some of them were corrupted in upstream. This patch is a workaround for that issue and enables the build of Helix Cockpit 1 RCPL0007.
Helix Cockpit 1 GStreamer licensing fixPatch8/4/2016Mandatory8/4/2016Due to licensing restrictions, the Wind River Linux build system and Helix Cockpit does not include the source for all gstreamer packages available.
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