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Defects for LLVM Compiler

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Defect #Previous IDTitleComponent (s)Sub ComponentFound in VersionsArchitectureSeverityPublished DateFix VersionsStatus
TCLLVM-48ARM64: Shared library support is not availableCLANGLLVM3.8.0.1Standard1/16/2017Acknowledged
TCLLVM-50Clang issues warnings when some C++11 headers are includedCLANGLLVM3.8.0.1Standard2/16/2017Acknowledged
TCLLVM-66LLVM: Undefined reference to 'exp2'CLANGLLVM3.8.0.0ARMStandard8/29/2017Acknowledged
TCLLVM-54EXTRA_DEFINE should not be used in defs.llvm/defs.armCompilerLLVM3.8.0.0Standard3/6/2017Fixed
TCLLVM-72TCLLVM-31, V7PRO-4021, VXW653-13234, VXW653-13329ARM64: "R_AARCH64_ABS64 used with TLS symbol" warning while building a VIP with debugging enabledCompilerLLVM3.8.0.0Standard9/25/2017Acknowledged
TCLLVM-53The header file "cxxabi.h" cannot be found when compiling with LLVMVxWorksLLVM3.8.0.1Standard2/28/2017Acknowledged
TCLLVM-155WB4-7928Debugger gets incorrect RTP TLS variable value on ARM64/LLVMCompilerLLVM6.0.0.2ARMStandard10/11/2018Not to be Fixed
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