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Reporting Issues

Wind River is committed to meeting the needs of the Pulsar Linux community of users. If you encounter an issue with Pulsar Linux or one of its utilities, Wind River encourages you to report it.

Wind River Pulsar Linux is an open source project hosted on GitHub. GitHub is a Web-based Git repository hosting service that provides a variety of different features relating to source code management, including a mechanism for filing bugs against the hosted project.


You have created a GitHub account and are logged in to it.


  1. With a Web browser, navigate to the Wind River Open Source Labs wr-core project on GitHub.
  2. Click on the Issues tab. It is located near the upper left-hand corner of the Web page.
  3. Click New issue. It is located near the upper right-hand corner of the Web page.
    The following figure is a capture of the Web page with areas of interest circled in red for better visibility:
    GitHub Issues tab

    A Web form for reporting the issue appears when New issue is clicked.

  4. Fill out the Web form with as much detail as possible for the issue you are encountering.
  5. Click Submit new issue when done.


After you submit the issue, you can check the status of the issue, comment on the issue, close the issue, and so forth. For additional documentation, refer to the GitHub website at the following URL:

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