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Avnet Zynq Quick Start

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Your Avnet Zynq-based System on a Module (SoM) comes with a micro SD card preloaded with Wind River Pulsar Linux.

The following table lists tasks that can assist you with booting Pulsar Linux on the Avnet Zynq-based SoM:

What To Do


Applying power and getting a console connection

Insert the micro SD card that contains the Pulsar Linux image and apply power to the SoM.

The SoM automatically boots to the login prompt.

To apply power, plug the micro USB cable in to your host system and the SoM. The micro USB cable provides both power and console connection to the SoM.

For console access, use a terminal emulator such as Minicom, Tera Term, or something similar. Make sure to use the following serial port settings:
  • Baud Rate — 115200

  • Data Bit — 8

  • Parity — None

  • Stop Bit — 1

  • Flow Control — None

If the SoM is not automatically booting Pulsar Linux, the U-Boot environment may not be configured properly. For additional boot information, refer to Booting Up the Avnet Zynq-Based SoM.

Logging in to the Pulsar Linux system

Type in root for the user name and incendia for the password.

After you log in to the system, check to see if there are updates available for install. Refer to the topic Wind River Pulsar Linux System Administration Guide: Updating the Device for details.

NOTE: For security purposes, it is strongly recommended that you change the default password for the root account. Refer to the topic Wind River Pulsar Linux System Administration Guide: Adding/Changing a User Password for details.

Starting over

Sometimes it is desired to start over or revert to a good known baseline. With the Pulsar Linux application-ready platform, you can quickly revert back to the certified image. The topics covered in this guide can assist you with this. For details, start with the topic Downloading the Certified Avnet Zynq Image.

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