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Defects for Wind River Pulsar Linux

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Defect #Previous IDTitleComponent (s)Sub ComponentFound in VersionsArchitectureSeverityPublished DateFix VersionsStatus
LINPUL8-10Error message when booting avnet-mini-itx: openvswitch: netlink: Key 22 has unexpected len 4 expected 0KernelRun Time8.0.0.6Standard6/1/20168.0.0.9Fixed
LINPUL8-111Couldn't find sd card on Compute Stick V2BSP, DocumentationRun Time8.0.0.6Standard7/25/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-116A systemd-gpt-auto-generator error found on avnet agateUserspaceRun Time8.0.0.6Standard8/1/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-120Some booting errors and warningsUserspaceRun Time8.0.0.6Standard8/8/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-123Run "cube-ctl list" in cube-desktop, it does not show container's statusUserspaceRun Time8.0.0.6Standard8/9/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-124Some configurations of network by LuCi cause network unusableUserspaceRun Time8.0.0.6Standard8/10/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-2kernel calltrace warning on computestickBSPRun Time8.0.0.6Standard5/10/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-24On Compute Stick switching to graphical console will hang whole system if cube-desktop already stoppedUserspaceRun Time8.0.0.6Standard6/6/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-31Intel compute stick V1: system will reboot after install google-chrome and use it.UserspaceRun Time8.0.0.6Standard6/7/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-5Network speed is slow on Intel Compute stick(V1)UserspaceRun Time8.0.0.6Standard5/17/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-52Intel-compute-stick: Please prompt the end user how to use browserUserspaceRun Time8.0.0.6Standard6/17/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-62avnet-mini-itx: failed to login the console of a new container by 'cube-console'.DocumentationRun Time8.0.0.6Standard6/19/20168.0.0.8Fixed
LINPUL8-74"No history for container dom0 to rollback" should not be an error for systemUserspaceRun Time8.0.0.6Standard6/22/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-9Error message when booting avnet-mini-itx: Failed to listen on Syslog not loaded, refusing.UserspaceRun Time8.0.0.6Standard5/31/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-110Compute stick installer couldn't boot upInstallerSliced Pie8.0.0.6Standard7/25/2016Not to be Fixed
LINPUL8-72Can't find /opt/installer directory on usb installer stickUserspaceSliced Pie8.0.0.6Standard6/22/20168.0.0.6Fixed
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