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INSTLAT-50 : [borrow] Borrowing a feature including a version fails

Defect #: INSTLAT-50
Previous IDWIND00348150
Found In Version1.3
Created Date:05/03/2012
Component/s :FlexLM Utilities
Required RPM Updates:FlexLM Utilities


Walked the customer through using the borrow utility. 

We attempted to check out WR_FEATURE:1.0 feature.  The utility crashes.

However, when the client run WR_FEATURE borrowing works.


Provided the customer a temp license. 

Steps to Reproduce

1.) When using the BorrowUtil clients are prompted, to enter the feature name you wish to borrow

2.) Next clients are prompted to enter the version number of the feature they wish to borrow

3a.) Borrowing works without version (i.e. the feature is listed via lmutil lmborrow -status), but it turns out that the feature cannot be checked out. 

3b)  Borrowing crashes when a version is specified.

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