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Installing VxWorks 7 — Video, 04:17

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How to install VxWorks 7 on a Windows machine using Windshare.

Published on 27 May 2014


Time (mm:ss) Narration
From: 00:00 Welcome to this presentation on installing VxWorks 7. You should have received an email from Wind River announcing the delivery of your products. Save it for future reference, because it contains information you may need later. In that email, find the link for downloading, installing, and activating Wind River software, and click it. If you're new to Wind River, find the link to register. If you already have a Wind River account, login. This will take you to the Wind River Software Concierge page, your guide for downloading, installing, and activating your software, managing product licenses, accessing product documentation, and contacting customer support. Scroll down to see your order summary. Below that is the "Download and Installation" section. Click the "Download" button.
From: 01:00 You should now see the WindShare home screen. On this screen you'll see two options, "Install Now", and "Download Now, Install Later". The second choice allows you to install the WindShare desktop client if you need to, download products on one computer and then install them on a different computer that has no internet connection, install the same downloaded products on several computers, ensure that product updates are always available in a local folder, or keep archival copies of your products. Watch the WindShare desktop client video for details on installing and using it. To install now, either click "Products" on the left menu or the "Products" link below to see the products you are entitled to. If you have ordered several products, the left menu allows you to jump directly to a specific one. In this case, only the VxWorks 7 has been purchased. Here are the order details. Now, let's install VxWorks 7.
From: 02:01 It can be installed on either Linux or Windows, but we're on a Windows machine, so we'll choose "Installer for Windows". When you select this download, you will receive a lightweight Bootstrap installer that will download the full product content that your license entitles you to. When the browser is finished downloading the Bootstrap installer, a downloaded .zip file opens. If it doesn't open automatically, go to the location of the downloaded .zip file and open it. Extract the contents of the .zip file to a local directory. In the newly created directory, run the "setup" application. Choose a new installation directory for VxWorks 7, and proceed through the screens of the installer program. When you reach a login dialog, type the same information as you did when you created your Wind River account. You can click the "Save Password" checkbox to save your passwords so you don't have to enter it again.
From: 03:01 Click "OK". Here, you'll need to choose the type of installation you want to run: "Typical" or "Custom". Custom allows you to select or deselect specific components. In this case, we'll choose "Typical", which will install standard features. On the License Agreement screen, scroll down to read it, then click "I accept". This installation may take a while, depending on your product components and network speed. Once it's done, you'll see the "Installation Success" screen. You can review the readme information. Click the "Finish" button. Your Wind River products are now installed! As a last step, you need to activate your products. Back on the Concierge page, scroll down to the licensing section where you'll find the button that will take you to the Licensing Portal on Wind River's website. There, you will find a video that takes you through this process.
From: 04:04 If you have any technical issues, please contact your field application engineer or see the Knowledge Library, products, and customer support information at the bottom of the Concierge page. You may also leave feedback. Thanks for watching!

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