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INSTSUITE-5786 : [windows] Cannot install to UNC path

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Defect #: INSTSUITE-5786
Found In Version2.3
Fix Version2.6.1
Created Date:04/10/2014
Component/s :Suite Installer
Required RPM Updates:Suite Installer


If the UNC path to a Windows network volume is specified as an installation directory, the installation fails with a message like this:

ERROR: directory \\machine\release\michaelk\tmp\INSTSUITE-5786 cannot be created: 2.

I have attached a screen shot of the error.

The same installer worked when pointed to a local directory:


The directory specified by the UNC path already existed and was writable to the Administrator user, as shown here and in the screen shot:

C:\>mkdir \\machine\release\mmkk\tmp\INSTSUITE-5786

C:\>echo I have write permission!>\\machine\release\mmkk\tmp\INSTSUITE-5786\test.txt

C:\>type \\machine\release\mmkk\tmp\INSTSUITE-5786\test.txt

I have write permission!

C:\>del \\machine\release\mmkk\tmp\INSTSUITE-5786\test.txt


Map UNC path to directory, e.g.:
net use \\machine\share W:

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