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INSTSETUP-261 : License server triad configuration using ',' as separator may cause invalid memory access

Defect #: INSTSETUP-261
Previous IDWB3-51214, INSTLAT-618, INSTLAT-269
Found In Version2.0.13
Created Date:08/05/2014
Component/s :LMAPI
Required RPM Updates:LMAPI


A Customer is observing a Workbench crash with XULRunner error.

They tried to execute Workbench startup script forcing XULRunner to null and to the XULRunner installed with the Workbench installation.  
Both give the same error.

/disk0/ede/tools/WRLinux/ -vmargs -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.XULRunnerPath=/disk0/ede/tools/WRLinux/workbench-3.2/x86-linux2/lib/xulrunner

/disk0/ede/tools/WRLinux/ -vmargs - Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.XULRunnerPath=/dev/zero

Also tried to disable XULRunner by -vmargs -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.XULRunnerPath=/dev/null
see attached modified but it didn't help.

Also attached the stack trace dump that comes when Customer tries to run the script.
Workbench begins to come up but then the IDE disappears and this stack trace is in the terminal window where the shell script was run.

The XULrunner rpms that are installed are the following (RHEL 5.5 system).

[ids21@barbrady ~]$ rpm -qa | grep xul

Configuration area has been cleared up, but the IDE still crashes.


There are two known FLEXlm problems which could explain this crash:

1) License server triad configuration in WRSD_LICENSE_FILE. Please change occurencs of 
	port1@server1:port2@server2:port3@server3 on unix or
	port1@server1;port2@server2;port3@server3 on Windows.

   E.g. for a triad consisting of 27000@server1 27000@server2 and 27000@server3, the
   corresponding WRSD_LICENSE_FILE value on unix should look like


2) FLEXlm is very sensitive to problems in ~/.flexlmrc 
   Unless you want to explicitely cache a path in this file (usually not recommended), please remove this file. 

Steps to Reproduce

Attached error screenshot, setup.log and stack trace from Customer.

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