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INSTSETUP-260 : "[wrlmproxy-5.0.2] <defunct>" zombie processes

Defect #: INSTSETUP-260
Previous IDINSTLAT-624, WB4-4816
Found In Version2.0.12
Created Date:11/27/2014
Component/s :LMAPI


When using Workbench on Linux for multiple days, the system may accumulate "[wrlmproxy-5.0.2] <defunct>" zombie processes.

These wrlmproxy-5.0.2 processes are child processes of a running workbench instance, launched via the License Management API. When forking/launching license proxy, the License Management API does not indicate that it is not interested in the exit status (by setting SA_NOCLDWAIT flag or setting SIGCHLD to SIG_IGN). As a result, when the license proxy process exits, it turns into a "zombie process". 

A zombie process is not really a process, it's only an entry in the process table. There are no other resources associated with the zombie process: it doesn't have any memory or any running code, it doesn't hold any files open, etc. These zombie processes will be removed from the process table, when its parent process - e.g. Workbench - exits.

Until a fix is available, the zombie processes can be cleared by re-starting the parent processes (e.g. Workbench). 


Restart the parent processes (e.g. Workbench).

Steps to Reproduce

1. Start Workbench 
2. Create VSB, VIP for vxsim_linux bsp
3. Create vxsim target connection.
4. Connect it, and disconnect it (when disconnect target, please wait for three minutes).
5. Wait for three minutes, please repeat step 4.

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