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Defects for Installation

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Defect #Previous IDTitleComponent (s)Sub ComponentFound in VersionsArchitectureSeverityPublished DateFix VersionsStatus
INSTSETUP-262INSTLAT-228, WIND00280848[host os] [linux] [selinux] Workbench can't work well on Fedora13-64bit host with selinux enabledLMAPI2.0.12Standard6/7/2011Fixed
INSTSUITE-1429INSTSUITE-5430, INSTSUITE-5451, WIND00239921[host os] [ubuntu 10.04 64] Installer generates 'wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64' error messages when installing on Ubuntu 10.04 64-bitSuite Installer2.2.3Low11/4/2010Not to be Fixed
INSTSUITE-2010WIND00348923[download] the media downloaded by maintenance tool does not contain integrated informationMirroring2.4Standard5/8/20122.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-2070WIND00322608[core] [esd strategy] existing content not detected when updating to Installer 2.4 via setup.exe from a DVDSuite Installer2.4Severe12/12/20112.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-2082WIND00336011[windows] [XP] [check for blockers] Installer fails to install UP2 for VxWorks 6.8Suite Installer2.4Standard2/27/20122.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-2100WIND00379985[host os] host info check does not work on Ubuntu 12.04.1Suite Installer2.4Standard9/28/20122.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-2211WIND00317072[silent mode] if installer updates fail it continues to try and apply them foreverSuite Installer2.4Standard11/11/20112.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-2248WIND00342253[space service] Installer does not calculate free disk space correctlySuite Installer2.4Standard3/27/20122.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-2265WIND00368786[ui] "About this Install" screen gives wrong version of installed content, e.g.: Update 1 when Update 2 is installedSuite Installer2.4Severe8/8/20122.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-2332WIND00316895[ui] If no content is available for the current arch selection the controls are stuck in disabled stateSuite Installer2.4Standard11/10/20112.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-2355WIND00324438[host os] [linux] [start menus] Installing Workbench on a non english Linux host distribution does not install desktop shortcutSuite Installer2.4Standard12/21/20112.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-2360WIND00347049[silent install] [ESD] -silent -applyUpdates not workingSuite Installer2.4Standard4/26/20122.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-2382INSTSUITE-2000, WIND00347890[silent install] [ESD] Not all products installed when installing/updating from "Live Updates"Suite Installer2.4.0.2Standard5/2/20122.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-2402INSTSUITE-2497, WIND00403982[installer][ui][lac] incorrect error message when temporary activation period has expired,Suite Installer2.4.1Severe2/15/20132.6.3Fixed
INSTSUITE-2601WIND00376333[updating] Installer 2.3 (2_3_0_REL27) update to Installer 2.4 fails: - Java VM crash on Fedora 17 in module ""Suite Installer2.5Standard9/13/2012Not to be Fixed
INSTSUITE-3290WIND00015204in Product Selection Screen, having CD name at top of product tree can be confusingCD Installer2.4Severe11/28/20052.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-3322WIND00015981Installer GUI fails to come up on WS4CD Installer2.4Standard10/20/2005Not to be Fixed
INSTSUITE-3380WIND00017766Installer creates the directory even when Back button was clicked on Specify Installation directory panelCD Installer2.5Severe3/22/20062.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-3388INSTSUITE-4055, WIND00055018Installation of wrlinux cd's fail if McAfee Virus scan is DISABLEDCD Installer2.5Standard5/24/2006Not to be Fixed
INSTSUITE-3420WIND00017861Need a mouse to install workbenchCD Installer2.5Severe3/24/20062.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-48INSTSUITE-5494, WIND00390964[windows] [virus scanner] Installation creates hundreds of *.new files and may not function correctlyESD2.4Standard11/27/20122.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-5786[windows] Cannot install to UNC pathSuite Installer2.3Standard4/10/20142.6.1Fixed
INSTSETUP-261INSTLAT-269, INSTLAT-618, WB3-51214License server triad configuration using ',' as separator may cause invalid memory accessLMAPI2.0.13Standard8/5/2014Fixed
INSTSUITE-6013LIN7-2449The WRLinux7 installer crashes with a cario assertion error on CentOS 6.5Suite Installer2.6.3Standard12/15/20142.7Fixed
INSTSUITE-6184Installer hangs at splash screen after updating from to 2.7 on Redhat 7 hostSuite Installer2.6.5Standard7/14/20152.6.5Fixed
INSTSUITE-6114Typical mode offered when -download command-line flag forces download modeSuite Installer2.6.5Standard5/7/20152.7.1Fixed
INSTSETUP-260INSTLAT-624, WB4-4816"[wrlmproxy-5.0.2] <defunct>" zombie processes LMAPI2.0.12Standard11/27/2014Fixed
INSTSUITE-6409Downloading RPM content from a local source to a local source will fetch setup.exes from remoteSuite Installer2.7.2Critical2/7/20162.7.3Fixed
INSTSUITE-6623Product Maintenance hangs while assembling a list of available contentESD, Suite Installer2.7.7Standard7/20/2018Acknowledged
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